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Are You Unable to Work Because of a Disability?

Are you receiving the social security benefits you deserve?
Find Out If You're Eligible

You May Qualify

Those over a certain age may qualify for social security disability benefits – even if they were previously denied. Age is a major factor in social security disability decisions. If you are unable to work due to disability and age, you may qualify for certain benefits you are otherwise missing out on. We’re here to help you get the maximum social security benefits you can – to live the fullest life possible.

Get Disability Lawyer – Social Security Benefits Evaluation

Here’s How It Works

  • Find out if you’re eligible

    Click the green button anytime to find out if you’re qualified. We just need to ask a few questions to find out if you’re eligible for certain social security benefits.

  • Wait to hear from us

    And you won’t wait long. A social security specialist will call you within 1 day to learn more about you and your situation and see how we can help.

  • We can file paperwork for you

    Even if you have filed before, we can step in and help you process the paperwork with the social security administration – or act on your behalf if legal action is necessary.

  • You get the money you earned

    Begin collecting the maximum social security benefits you earned while in the workforce – so you can enjoy your everyday life today.

Get Disability Lawyer – Social Security Benefits Evaluation

How We Can Help

  • Assitance navigating both the application and appeals processes.
  • Evaluation of your case and what may be missing in your application or appeal.
  • Legal assistance and representation in court for appeals process.
  • All at no upfront cost to you!
Get Disability Lawyer – Social Security Benefits Evaluation

Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

Social Security Benefits that you qualify for may include
  • Monthly SS payments.
  • Back pay for SS benefits owed.
  • Health insurance coverage, not currently or more broadly covered.

What's Next?

What If I’ve Been Denied…

Many, even most, of those who apply for social security benefits are denied the first time. And an even greater percentage are denied the second time. Why? There are many reasons that come into play. Those who file claims often find they are denied because they were unable to prove the severity or scope of their disability. This may be a result of lack of documentation or even lack of proper treatments or medical attention to verify the disability. Another obstacle can be documentation of work time to reach the number of credits necessary to qualify so certain social security benefits.

Don’t Let This Stop You.

If you’ve been unable to prove your eligibility for social security disability benefits, don’t lose heart. We are experts in this field and can help you through the process. Even if you applied once or twice, we know the documentation you need to prove your disability and work credits. We can help you gain access to the paperwork you need. We can also help you through the appeals process, too often overlooked or forgotten about by claimants. You do have a right to appeal a denial – and we can help you through that to get you the benefits you deserve.

Our Experience, Your Benefits.

We’ve helped hundreds of seniors unlock the social security benefits they deserve. We’ve advocated for claimants with various disabilities – and won. Having walked through the process so many times, we know the ins and outs and what it takes to prove your eligibility.

Find Out If You're Eligible